For Families

Infant Massage Services

  • 4 session packages currently $200 (limited offer), normally $250
  • Individual sessions $65 – at home or office (within 10km of Melbourne city)
  • Tailored group programs between 2 – 5 parent & baby families. Group discount available
  • In-house programs for corporations and organisations

Family Counselling

Emma offers counselling for families with an adolescent or adult child with an eating disorder/disordered eating/body image issues, depression or anxiety disorder. Recovery from a mental illness can be a stressful time for a family, with much of the pressure being absorbed by the individual to get better. Parents often report feeling overwhelmed, ‘without a compass’, and often excluded from conventional treatments.

Family counselling aims to support families to become united in the pursuit of recovery as a mutual and collaborative goal in the context of family life. Emma encourages families to define roles and expectations, adopt flexible attitudes, harness the positive values and attributes intrinsic to families as well as strengthening relationships through improved communication, increased empathy, and sense of belonging.

Emma’s experience in counselling families in the areas of mental health and trauma has shown a positive relationship between increased family function and the individual’s recovery. Recovery from mental health issues is typically complex without simple solutions or quick fixes; however, resilient families learn to work together and tend to have better outcomes.

Presently, Emma offers family counselling at her rooms in South Yarra.  For pricing, please head over to Services.  Contact Emma via email or phone for a free preliminary consultation


‘Butterfly Families’ Coaching Program

After several years in listening to parents lament the lack of practical and affordable help for caring for a family member with a mental illness, Emma Hodges has heard their frustration by creating a speciality program to address this gap.  Living with a family member with an eating disorder, whether diagnosed or not, introduces high levels of stress and disruption to relationships and daily life.  Butterfly Families is a unique coaching program to support mental health recovery.

Butterfly Families will soon be available to families affected by an eating disorder. Designed to provide families with an affordable intervention approach, the program aims to help all family members better cope with stresses related to the challenges of eating disorders. The program will be delivered as in-home consultancy to families who are looking for direct, active and practical strategies.