Day 15: The ‘dark’ of imagination

Unlike the light portion of my imagination, there is an unquestionable omnipresence of dark shadows which can be difficult to ‘tune out’ from.  At times, it can be dangerously seductive and masochistic as it opens up old wounds that I know I need to tend to with kindness and self-compassion.  It is needy, absorbing vast amounts of energy as I enter into world of delusion.

So, why explore it in my daily post?  It is simple really.  Despite the taxing places the dark side of my imagination takes me, its unwilling time travelling companion, I remain philosophical about the lessons I’ve learned and are still yet to learn from the dark places it forces me to visit.  Reflection affords me valuable insight into knowing the most important opportunities for growth has come from my dalliances with darkness.   Whilst I am not always thankful for some of life’s unwelcome events and devastating losses, there is a need to explore the dark shades of imagination for me to find hope in the darkest of places.
A Body Apart Day 15