Day 16: Shoulder love

Everyone stores their tension and stress somewhere in their body. This much is true.  For me, my shoulders and neck are a source of a different kind of stress with the chronic tightness reminding me of my wishful thinking that I should live with someone who wants to give me daily massages.  Alas, this is not likely in the foreseeable future and I must find a way to manage the pain and stress simultaneously.

Okay. So my shoulders and neck cause me all kinds of pain. I’m not the only one who has some kind of bodily complaint.  Although the crescendo of tension will mean a migraine is somewhere around the corner, in the interim, it doesn’t stop me from walking, running, dancing, drawing, typing, working and all the other things which I do in my daily life.  At times it is essential to listen to the cues my body is sending me about my stress levels, but today I have decided to tune out to the pain and tune into acknowledging all which my shoulders and neck still allow me to do and show them a little gratitude.
A Body Apart Day 16